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    • Yea, they probably would require much more work then what you would get out of them. Considering all the changes to Windows after all these years it probably would be better to start fresh instead of updating. Like we did on GS. Those were your best ones though for sure. As I said, even today they look good.  
    • I don't really even know how much work it would need. Usually changes have been big and now12 years has past  Somebody knows better? But thanks
    • A few of you're XP visual styles look good even to todays standards. You should update these WB skins.  Their still really cool.  They got good ratings too.  Link    
    • As I think more, my XP visual styles where also made pixel by pixel mostly
    • I remember years ago we were working on a project and you made some forum buttons and text that was separate from the buttons and you wanted me to copy and paste each letter on to every forum button to make the word on it. I bring this up because it is something I will never forget. I honestly didn't think it was going to look good after I pasted all the text on the buttons and I thought is was a dumb idea. After working hours and hours on it I was amazed how clean and crisp the buttons looked when they were finally done. To this day, I have not ever seen cool forum buttons such as those.  
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