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  1. Pinch O Blu



    Designed with skinning in mind Top view camera and shadows UHD in zip plus 5
  2. DeZign 637 Home



    Look familiar??? UHD 3840 - 1920x1080 - 1680x1050 - 1366x768 in zip
  3. Gold N Black always good for me
    VERY DA (color) if ya know what I mean............... EXCEPTIONAL WB
    Another I thought was Hytham's! NICE PIECE
  4. I was about to toss the original (top Pic) Then cut it in half and moved it up two times (one upside down) Then Multi replicated a cut out of it on top of a blurred stage 2........and over laid that I NEED A LIFE!!
  5. Does look like a stage ---- at the GRAMMYS... Featuring guest host RG!
  6. I almost kept Stage 2 but it was too BUSY for icons
  7. High Council



    Well you peeps liked the bluer one best. Outcome wasn't what you expected HUH? regular sizes in zip and a 3840 UHD
  8. This is from B&H.com ... I Quote: Digital Cinema Initiatives DCI, a joint venture between several movie studios, established specs for digital imaging, and developed DCI 4K resolution, which is 4096x2160; this is widely regarded as true 4K resolution. UHD features 3840x2160 lines of resolution. FINALLY ...............
  9. Too Dark?? Too plain?? I don't know
  10. Take your pick on these two -- NOWHERE near done as you might know - Gotta start somewhere.
    I thought this was a HYTHAM ....... Nice quiet piece!!
  11. Blu shade and green work well together
  12. DeZign 632 4K



    This work gets credited to all the members here. Everyone had a say!!!!! Zip has a TRUE 4K and a 3840 UHD and 2 other sizes 1920HD and 1366 HD
  13. UNTIL.... I made a mistake, then -->pressed SAVE accidently .... I am uploading this finished one today... With a few more hours of post work
    I never know where you are going next with your creativity!!
  14. OK............ Took it a LOT further .. Not done yet -- I want to add that I NEVER noticed the legs pitched in
  15. I cant -- so I have to take the dezign a bit further
  16. I bent the legs back into place ... The balls still bother me I Like the B&W too ... AND I came up with a great Mirrr version already and I may have screwed up the original now
  17. I might attempt to Puppet bend them 2 legs -- THAT is one thing holding me back -- The reflection of the balls is correct but doesn't look right and can't be taken out so this may just go in the HOPPER

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