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    Terrorist compound?? - OR - Home from Star wars R2D2
  1. Crazy Side



    Another K.I.S.S. work you may not have seen
  2. Version

    1 download

    Fun to make and then leave it alone!
  3. C

  4. Version


    Note the 12 string Guild???
  5. Version


    If it were'nt for a mouse I never would've tried one of these things -- Let alone blow $1600.00 on one
  6. SUPER!!!
  7. Max 1024



    My Max about 3 yrs old now 9
  8. Version

    1 download

    My Boo kitty here at my office 3 yrs ago
    I Like!!
  9. I see a baby dragon sitting on its butt lookin at us
  10. Promithieiuuss uss is sorta Aliens 20 if you follow -- NOW see the newest ALIENS -- it all fits togethrer even with the Promethius robot guy
  11. I just saw ESCAPE PLAN 2 -------- Freakin great!! First one was also - Stallone / Schwartnegger
    Nice piece
    89 items in your trash?? Nice work here
  12. Version 2


    AbZ is my standard for AbZtract... Preview is 2560x1440 (still wide screen) but under 2MB One of my strangest Bryce "accidents" to come to life. 3840x2160 uhd, 1920x1080,1680x1050,1366X768 (Laptops)
    THATs AWESOME BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Missed one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super!
  13. Again I Like the edges
  14. Royalty 4K

    Version 800


    If you saw my Facebook (sed Mcgarrett) submission you learn HOW I made this. THIS is finally finished
    There used to be a YELLOW club at DA --- SUPERB WORK
    Woodsy look

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