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    Nice holiday feel
    I'm a wallpaper Commenter Nice piece!!!! Merry Merry
    Simple sweet artistic!
    Christmas in Zpace
    THIS looks like a Barb!! DUH..... I need more coffee EXCLNT BEAR!
    I like the way you casually say "SIMPLE" Not simple for most peeps!! Nice piece!!
  1. Version


    Bryce work with Flame Painter as the snow flying. HAPPY HOLIDAYS 5 sizes in zip plus a UHD 3840x2160
    Super creation!!!
    I thought we had a NEW artist here!!!! BEAR???????? WOW!
    Cutie!! Turtle doves!
    E L E C T R I C !
    Did I just see this guy somewhere else?? Hmmm DA?-- I did JUST TODAY MIKE... Montag451 used the same old man winter on GATE KEEPER on DA BOTH NICE WORKS
    Look at it now - cuz if its up to AMERICANS, we will EXTINCT this animal

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