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  1. A String or two


    1 download

    I am not even sure what program I used to make this!!! I know it was a lot of pen work though. 5 sizes in zip
  2. Atomic Clock


    1 download

    This is the original version--- OF COURSE I was forced to make a blu also Put a clock widget in the center for yourself! 5 sizes in zip
    A distant Earth
    Nice twist on an everyday QUAD.... Nicely done!!
    I like ANYTHING metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice work, Tom
    Always top notch
  3. DeZign Q 624


    1 download

    I really DON'T like QUAD mirror designs, at least I don't use them often, but it's a "personal taste" thing. I drop them and balance them out of QUAD. UHD 3840 in zip and 2 standard sizes too
    Easy on the eyes!
    I was going to say this looks like a Hytham!! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (Don't get OLD Mr H!)))) Nice Wall!!
  4. Version

    1 download

    Another of my AbZ file 5 sizes in zip
  5. AbZ 292


    1 download

    From my AbZ file (AbZtract) 5 sizes in zip
  6. Version


    Lower deck of the ship -- Cold down there Three or four versions using this BRYCE frame -- If it looks familiar see: SHREDDER 5 sizes in zip plus the UHD 3840

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