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    Easy on the eyes!
    I was going to say this looks like a Hytham!! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (Don't get OLD Mr H!)))) Nice Wall!!
  1. Version

    1 download

    Another of my AbZ file 5 sizes in zip
  2. AbZ 292


    1 download

    From my AbZ file (AbZtract) 5 sizes in zip
  3. Version

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    Lower deck of the ship -- Cold down there Three or four versions using this BRYCE frame -- If it looks familiar see: SHREDDER 5 sizes in zip plus the UHD 3840
    An Eleven! ......................................... Stunning!!
    That water is STRIKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You're from another planet!!! NICE WORK -- CRAZY MIND!!
  4. House on the Chagrin



    I am experimenting with a photo course on luminosity layering I climbed over a fallen tree to take this shot looking down river OF COURSE I SLIPPED IN ......(just knee high)
    YEAH... This one is cool too
    Hi MR H---- Nice -N- spacey!!
    Nice job --- BRIGHT!
    Still like this one better than my BLU
    1000+ downloads in 2 weeks at WC (tooting my horn!)

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