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    Hi MR H---- Nice -N- spacey!!
    Nice job --- BRIGHT!
    Still like this one better than my BLU
    1000+ downloads in 2 weeks at WC (tooting my horn!)
  1. Version


    Brushing in my Flamepainter with my pen for hours and hours. 1920 x1080 1366X768 and a 3840 UHD in zip.
    Now THAT's A nice wallpaper!
    OLD AND WORN LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this IS exclnt!
    SET as desktop background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soft metal LOOKS GREAT TOO on my screen
    Like the whole PACK!
  2. Spoilers!
  3. I'm surprised I didn't get caught... Main 4 lane street at 2 in the morn... We both chickened out at about 80
    Most Bogs have a water truck -- fire hoses
  4. I street raced a 340....

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