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  1. 23 minutes ago, RG said:

    Looks great! :) I wonder how it will do. Don't forget to post a link here when you upload it to WC. :) Let me know how the flat design works out. Curious about it for several reasons. 

    Be uploading it here too Phil, it's a free skin.

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  2. OK, finished up my somewhat "Modern" looking skin, but decided to only do one soft color and add a little "glitz" to it. It can be recolored just fine from within Windowblinds itself. Should be releasing tomorrow on WinCustomize. :)



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  3. 59 minutes ago, RG said:

    I like it! :yes: Flat designs are the in thing right now as you know already. :) I think adding a few flat designs to you're collection is a good idea. Are you able to make color packs with WB? If you are maybe also creating a lighter color one also would be good. ;) 


    Yes on the color packs Phil. I can create several different sub-styles and each one would have a different color. :)

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  4. I am thinking of doing a somewhat "Modern" skin here. As an example, this is one I was commissioned to do several years ago called Flaty. It was never released and won't ever be, but  I was thinking of doing a somewhat modern flat skin for public release. Do you think I should do one or not? I would really appreciate your comments.




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  5. There's been a bit of a delay on my Relano skin at WinCustomize due to them having some technical issues, hopefully it will show up soon. In the meantime, how about a preview or another soon to be released skin called Exploration!  :smiley-dance013:



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