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  1. The first version or the second one? Of course the first ones are on sale I have second hand Android wear. For that price, it is ok. No need to check phone that much.
  2. Always on and bigger than phone, that is the reason of using tablets. But doing some useful, not much. But, good that they needed to lower the price (I also noticed)... iPad Pro looks good, but it too close of a good computer prices. We still have iPad 3 (the same as you) here in use (16gb sucks), but I am personally using Android nowadays.
  3. I still have player in old one in stereo, but never used. No space for LPs anyway. Of course it gives own atmosphere for music.
  4. If this is enough? http://lifehacker.com/how-to-make-the-gimp-work-more-like-photoshop-1551318983
  5. Better guide for free CS2: http://www.redmondpie.com/download-adobe-photoshop-cs2-for-free-legally-while-you-still-can/ But not working I think.
  6. They just want to take all your money they can get Subscription means they can make new versions paid. It is not bad if wanting to have the newest versions.... as long you pay. But yes, it should be just an alternative.
  7. Does this answer your question? https://blog.conradchavez.com/2016/01/06/can-you-buy-adobe-software-without-a-subscription/ Does this work btw? http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/download-install-adobe-photoshop-cs2-free-legally-windows-mac-1445595 Alternatives: http://www.creativebloq.com/photoshop/alternatives-1131641
  8. music metadreamz.

    Electronic music project. Also @soundcloud
  9. Drum and bass project. Also @soundcloud
  10. Version 1.0.0


  11. i think they lost so much more, $17 billion! http://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-note-7-permanently-discontinued-721283/
  12. Just that Samsung Note 7 that is now discontinued and called back. But also some iPhones can do that, though it needs some heat or be broken somehow. Or if battery is changeable, some 3rd party Chinese cheap battery.
  13. miisami.net

    Great site check it out!
  14. 521|Design.

    A great site so check it out!
  15. Although, just for fun... But lets see what will follow, new tunes coming very soon though. Trying some different style with this new singer.
  16. Or maybe not in the city center...
  17. A half of meter here (1ft 7in) http://www.foreca.fi/Finland/Oulu/map/snowdepth?lang=en
  18. Yes, she is in the picture. This is a remote project but working quite nice by email and home recording. Yeah, I needed some change and not make just by myself but with people with new ideas and tastes with electronic music. That is the way to grow with what you can do
  19. Btw: http://www.tekrevue.com/tip/small-windows-10-start-menu/ No need to install anything
  20. Yes, for phones... Yes, for phones. Or even 1920x1920 for every device compatble.... ?
  21. I think 1920x1200 would be good start as it can be resized for ulta resolution phones (3000x2000+) and it enough hi-res for most.
  22. Physical size or resolution? Or what? They just changes all the time to more pixels and larger. Bit hard to tell as the largest resolution is 4K screen.... http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/5/9265527/sony-xperia-z5-4k-display-ifa-2015 Largest screen size is up to 6"....
  23. It will be ok, if running only one: Norton or another. Normally Windows Defender is inactive if other antivir is installed. "You don’t need to install more than one antivirus program. In fact, running more than one antivirus program at the same time can cause conflicts and errors that make your antivirus protection less effective or not effective at all." http://blogs.microsoft.com/cybertrust/2013/01/22/should-i-use-more-than-one-antivirus-program/ And: "Anti-virus scanners use virus definitions to check for malware and these can include a fragment of the virus code which may be recognized by other anti-virus programs as the virus itself. Because of this, many anti-virus vendors encrypt their definitions so that they do not trigger a false alarm when scanned by other security programs. Other vendors do not encrypt their definitions and they can trigger false alarms when detected by the resident anti-virus. Further, dual installation is not always possible because most of the newer anti-virus programs will detect the presence of another and may insist that it be removed prior to installation. If the installation does complete with another anti-virus already installed, you may encounter issues like system freezing, unresponsiveness or similar symptoms as described above while trying to use it. In some cases, one of the anti-virus programs may even get disabled by the other.To avoid these problems, use only one anti-virus solution. Deciding which one to remove is your choice. Be aware that you may lose your subscription to that anti-virus program's virus definitions once you uninstall that software." http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/407147/answers-to-common-security-questions-best-practices/?p=2316629
  24. No, normally, you only can use one antivir at once: the other need to be manually activated if really needed. Two active antivir will conflict and make troubles...

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