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  1. Thanks Mike - have gone through all my stuff and some of the early stuff I will not be posting. I lost the photoshop psd files for all of my work , works in progress, web building coding stuff, descriptions and notes.  Feeling the loss of the notes the most because they had all the layer styles, contours, lighting, blending tips,  how I made fish scales, fabric, rock etc for each piece.  Now, if I decide to make anything else, it will be back to square one and lots of trial and error - LOL  They were all on a removable hard drive that just didn't survive the latest move.  Strangely though, the emo pack I made for SA and some of the interviews and tutorials from those days I recovered LOL

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  2. 24 minutes ago, RG said:

    Yes, that size will work. Some people use that size. :) I wouldn't recommend using anything smaller though. ;) 

    Thanks RG.  My own fault for not keeping a second  and third set on other drives as backup as I  always started out at 5760 x 3600 or larger and then reduced them down before making my finalized jpeg.  

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  3. Tom they are on their way to you!  

    Are 1920 x 1200 ok for the site? I understand that ideally one should have a variety of sizes, but with my psd's gone some of the sizes  might pose a problem as I cannot shift the focal images as I would normally do for those screen sizes that  tend to either squeeze or stretch the images in only one direction.  

  4. Ok ... so it seems that the external drive I had all of my psd's for my wallpapers is hatched and I could only recover a part of it.  So that leaves me with only the 1920 x 1200 jpegs, my wba files for my blinds and some rainies were recovered.  All the psd's are gone, gone, gone which is really annoying (and was also the largest part of the drive files) because those wallpapers were hundreds of layers and I will never remember how I managed to get some of those effects. All my web design stuff too is awol. 

  5. oh yes, I remember that one.  Made it for a friend.   Might not be getting to anything too soon because for some strange reason my zip file of my walls in progress  won't open!  Tried using the terminal work around, but no luck.


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  6. Haven't done this for quite some time  but most of mine are 1920 x 1200 ... would you perfer zips with all the major sizes or is that size ok?   I have some I made especially for iPad as well.

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