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  1. Added a file link..

    but not sure anyone will know to go there to get it 

    besides you and me ..........

    Maybe it's own category .. maybe a sub category with deskscapes.

    but other files could be mixed in other than Dreams..

    when this post goes away nobody will know about this .

  2. I know Tom I was just noting the Dreams as #1 All Time

    overall at WC I rank #18 All Time 

    Dreams didn't start with WC till 2007

    I see we both Joined WC about the same time me a month before you.

    I was Computer Manager at Circuit City and I saw the WC website and saw some interesting

    skins to download and put on our Demo PC's that were on display.

    It was awhile before I started to upload stuff and then just some screenshots to start,

    I was into video editing at the time so when Dreams came along that was the right thing for me .

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  3. Only need 11000 more downloads at WC to be the All Time

    Dream Maker... need to hit 1.57+ million. .. 2 or 3 more days.

    I was one of the first dream makers its been a long learning 

    process then I took a few years off from the site but now back 

    the goal line is in finally in site. 

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