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  1. I had a similar problem I updated to the new firefox and it was mess for many things I do ,

    so I deleted it and installed the previous version and it's working better now

    Google was acting up to for a while but as been OK the past week tweak a few things.

    I.E. for win10 is rebuilding stage so fouhd an older version of IE that works 

    But now Chrome seems fine and can do all on it right now ,

    My bigest problem now it Windows 10 newest uodate for it I keep canceling it when it pops uo 

    and go back to the older version..thr new version wont play thr drean maker program so have to stay'the older Win10

    they they work the bugs and fix it.

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  2. You know if you have a little money left over

    you could get a little windows pc then you could

    check the dreams and maybe find out their all crap

    and I been fooling you all this time ..... Or not.


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    So You Want To Be A Dream Maker ?

    Well let's take a look at what it took to make this ** 13 Mb's file size - 31 sec. ** Dream with low CPU usage

    You can see below in the Screenshots 

    It all starts with a project folder then adding and making all the files you think you'll need to complete the dream.

    The name of this Dream is " Jump To Lightspeed Millennium Falcon "  of STAR WARS fame ...

    In this case over 4 Gigs of files .. Then the process starts to find the right combo of files to to make your final video for the Dream.

    Knowing how to use ALL the programs a MUST. Once you have your video completed then you move on to converting it to a Dream

    with image and video previews till finally ready for upload to a site.. i could go on with more info but you get the picture .






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  4. Cozy Warm Fire for the Chilly Cold Nights ahead . Play as a Fullscreen Video on your screen.

    Just download the video from youtube and stay warm all Winter long.Yes RG you too.


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  5. Added a file link..

    but not sure anyone will know to go there to get it 

    besides you and me ..........

    Maybe it's own category .. maybe a sub category with deskscapes.

    but other files could be mixed in other than Dreams..

    when this post goes away nobody will know about this .

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