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  1. After losing files myself .. I have added 2 external hard drives and backup everything twice.

    What's the odds they both go down at the same time ... Don't tell me .

    At one time I had 3 drives for backup and then one went down .. 2 should be ok ?

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  2. Remember I did a few of your walls as Dreams still there somewhere in my 2500 dreams

    I still have your permission in a folder .. 

    When your up and running again maybe we could animate another wall or two


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  3. You know if you have a little money left over

    you could get a little windows pc then you could

    check the dreams and maybe find out their all crap

    and I been fooling you all this time ..... Or not.


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  4. Cozy Warm Fire for the Chilly Cold Nights ahead . Play as a Fullscreen Video on your screen.

    Just download the video from youtube and stay warm all Winter long.Yes RG you too.


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