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  1. 28 minutes ago, AzDude said:

    Did Someone say .............. WINDOWS 

    :whistling::D  You did, Mike!   I like Windows also, but then I never used a Mac!  My brother, sister, son, nephew... all have Macs.  But I like my windows!

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  2. ..... reading that... really why can't we have at least one that always always works,  Thanks for  the info Mike.  I' still on Windows7.... found a post about chrome and  an accelerator thing, and so I clicked no, and now the videos are fine.  Other probs still there...but I 'll just give it time!  

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  3. Kool!!!:19:  that is about the music with the video.    But about Chrome... I have been having issues with it not showing videos correctly. On any site that has videos, Facebook also.  My FireFox looks corrupted.  I uninstalled it, downloaded a new one, installed it and it was fine. Turned off my pc to go to Menards... when I was back, and turned on pc, FireFox was corrupted again.  Now I am using Slimjet... everything works fine.  Any ideas?

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  4. 4 minutes ago, AzDude said:

    I like it .. It would look good too if it

    was animated and the sparkles sparkled.

    Size it up and upload it. :13:

    Thanks Mike!!!  I have to make the other sizes, then I shall!  You can see how it looks animated, if you want! :8::newyear:

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  5. That is Dave Bax's wb.   A little true story,.... back in Autumn of 1999, I was surfing the internet ( miss those early days) and happened across Windowblinds.  The description was something like making your windows computer look christmasy or something. I was intrigued. Visited the site and saw Niko's  Christams windowblind.  And I was smitten!! So because of that, I started trying to draw on the pc, joined WC And decorated my computer ever since!  

    And thank you for your honest opinion! :D

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  6. Yeah confusing to me as well!    So when I make an image 3840x2160...  that not 4k? 

    Quoting wkipedia.. " 4K resolution, also called 4K, refers to a horizontal screen display resolution in the order of 4,000 pixels"

    The article is about cinema, televsision, moving jpictures... like dreams... but how does that work with wallpapers that do not move?


  7. What does the 4K mean in wallpapers? When rendering a fractal, in jwildfire, apo... there is no way of knowing if it is 300 dpi until taking it into photoshop.  And if it is rendered as a transparent png,  just adding colors and layers does not make it 300dpi.  

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