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  1. Kool!!! that is about the music with the video. But about Chrome... I have been having issues with it not showing videos correctly. On any site that has videos, Facebook also. My FireFox looks corrupted. I uninstalled it, downloaded a new one, installed it and it was fine. Turned off my pc to go to Menards... when I was back, and turned on pc, FireFox was corrupted again. Now I am using Slimjet... everything works fine. Any ideas?
    Love it, sedly!!!
    What Mike said!!!!
    Yes Mike, you have my permission to try animating. And if you like it, you have my permission to post it. tbc Does that work?
  2. Christmas stars

    Version 1.0.0


    created with jwildfire Zip file includes 2560x1600, 2560x1440, 1920x1080 and 3840x2160 Thanks for looking! tbc
    Wonderful abstract...it really catches your eye...the colors and shapes!!!
    A great Christmas blind!!!
  3. teddybearcholla

    Here you can find more of my work on Deviant Art.
  4. Yes they are... I have many and they are great to watch!!!
  5. Thanks Mike!!! I have to make the other sizes, then I shall! You can see how it looks animated, if you want!
  6. That is Dave Bax's wb. A little true story,.... back in Autumn of 1999, I was surfing the internet ( miss those early days) and happened across Windowblinds. The description was something like making your windows computer look christmasy or something. I was intrigued. Visited the site and saw Niko's Christams windowblind. And I was smitten!! So because of that, I started trying to draw on the pc, joined WC And decorated my computer ever since! And thank you for your honest opinion!

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