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  1. Your welcome! It is something we needed for a while and decided to implement it after seeing the posts in the chatbox.
    Nice work five stars!
  2. Just the kind of atmosphere I like, good job. (testing comments)
    Love it!
  3. I agree those RAR files are pesky. I will pin this post because I think members may find it useful.
    Looks nice and toasty!
    Just the right amount of snow, nicely done.
  4. Looking good so far. Looks like a lot of work.
    I like the stars and the way everything blends together nice job!
    Nice feel, color choice and super clean.
    Nicely done!
    Very impressive!
    You really have a lot going on in this one, nice work!
  5. Mike that is very nice of you.
    You're doing fine Boopish. Another great work of art.
    Super nice work!
  6. I know the feeling I have lost many things over the years. The worst for me was losing all my music project files from years ago. It happens, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Take your time, don't feel rushed to upload. Take your time and enjoy the site and upload when you're ready.
  7. Yes, that size will work. Some people use that size. I wouldn't recommend using anything smaller though.
  8. I looked over a WC also and I must say, that your art is very good. You can add them to Desktop Wallpapers or Photo Modifications. Whichever you choose. They would work for Desktop Wallpapers because they are all 1920 x 1200. Your work would get more exposure in Desktop Wallpapers. Photo Modifications is a very old category that we had on the old GS that members used for photos that were re-sized, modified, and couldn't be used for a wallpaper. No one uses it now and the work that is there could be moved to other categories. We probably could do without it now.
  9. That would be the minimal upload size, especially for the screenshot. I wouldn't go smaller than that. You can add one size in a zip if you wish. I only add one size to mine which is 2560x1600. We do have an iPad upload section also. Remember, you have to add a zip file and screenshot both.
    Strange but very cool!
    Nice work on the wallpaper and presentation.
  10. Visually appealing and super clean. The wallpaper is a perfect fit. Nice work!
    Nice work Barb I like it!
    Very cool sed nice job!

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