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    Gimp, Pixelmator, PhotoScape X, Motion, PicLight, Camera Mix, LensFlare Studio, Skylab Studio, Reflect Studio, GarageBand, iMovie
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    Graphic design, website design, house remodeling, motorcycles, computer repair, computer upgrades, and making music.
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Hi, I am RG and the owner of GS. I started with graphics in 2002. I didn't go to school for graphic or website design and learned everything I know starting with WindowsXP skins using StyleXP & StyleBuilder by TGTsoft. I then started making HTML websites and then moved on to community database websites. I also made a lot of desktop wallpapers, WinAmp skins, screen-savers, login screens, etc. I also made music using my PC using a program called Acid Pro.


After years of not making anything I recently started making wallpapers and music again. 


I have been making new music and just completed a small album called Arrival Of The Storm. My next album will be larger and more sophisticated. 


My Soundcloud account:




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