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  1. We can't live without those.
  2. You're buying a computer not really an OS. Some people buy Macs to run Windows on. But I left Windows for a reason and don't see myself going back unless I was forced too.
  3. Someone could buy a decent car for that. Even if I had that kind of money I couldn't justify spending that much for a computer. It is a bad ass machine maxed out though, but still? Wow!
  4. Guess I will not be getting one of those.
  5. Maxed out setup:
  6. Oh jeez would you look at that! LINK That is entry level price.
    Very smooth with the white and like the way the tree has a backlight affect.
  7. This is supposed to be for sale sometime today. I am keeping an eye out on it because I want to know what this thing is going to cost. I want to know the price of the basic entry level model and what the high end one is going to cost.
    This is really cool great job!
  8. Looks great! I really like the color scheme you used.
    Nice work on the Christmas lights and candles.
    Great work on this
    Nice work!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Snowy Christmas Simple Christmas wallpaper. Wallpapers: 1 Size: 2560x1600 (no other sizes included)

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