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  1. Version 1.0.0


    These wallpapers are not perfect it's been a while since I have made anything. This is just a simple color pack. Wallpaper sizes are 1920x1200 only.
  2. I looked at used 1st versions and new & used 2nd versions. The 2nd ones are nicer no question about it. I just don't see a need for one. I suppose it could come in handy not having to check your phone all the time but to me checking my phone is not a big deal.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    These wallpapers are not perfect it's been a while since I have made anything. This is just a simple color pack. Wallpaper sizes are 1920x1200 only.
  4. Version 2.0.0


    1st wallpapers I have released in years. These wallpapers are not perfect it's been a while since I have made anything. This is just a simple color pack. Wallpaper sizes are 1920x1200 only.
  5. I had thought about buying another one but I am waiting till my iPad3 dies 1st or becomes totally worthless. It has been dropped and the glass of course broke and now has a dent by the speaker. Had the glass replaced and can't tell the glass was ever broke but the dent by the speaker couldn't be fixed. I went with the 32GB iPad because I knew 16GB would be too small over time. And I sure wasn't going to pay for what they wanted for the 64GB one. I think prices were a bit too high for the iPad. Like you mentioned, you can buy a nice laptop or desktop for the price. Can't remember for sure as it was a while back ago, but I think I paid $500-$600 for mine. I can't say it was a waste of money. My wife and I use it every single day for checking things quickly and we both use it on the treadmill too. Actually, as much as we have used it, I can't believe it still works and still holds a battery charge.
  6. A few weeks ago I thought I would check out the iWatch. As cool as it is, I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money for a watch. I just didn't see (unless you use it for working out) any use for it. Strange, I am not the only one though, when I browsed around on Craigslist there were just tons of them for sale. That alone tells you not to buy one. Glad I didn't waste my money.
  7. I heard on the news yesterday that iPad sales were down and Apple lowered there prices to help jumpstart sales for the iPad. I have an iPad3 (older one) that still works good and never had any problems out of it. One down side to the iPad (not sure about the newer ones) that the WiFi signal sucks. iPads are good for checking emails, browsing the web, taking photos, playing a few games but other then that, I find it not useful for anything. One great thing about the iPad though is battery life. I can use it all day long before charging it. I find the iPad great for traveling. Would I buy an iPad again? Actually I would. It is very convenient for checking and replying to emails, checking the weather, FaceTime, taking photos while traveling, and checking the website without having to turn on my computer or laptop. My iPad stays on all the time. I never turn it off.
    Love the color and animation on this, nice job!
  8. Both CPU & GPU make a difference in gaming. But I did forget about rendering.
  9. Tom, I probably bought some of those as many as I had bought. I honestly don't know why I decided to get back in to it. But I am glad I did. It is a nice relaxing way to listen to music. I am trying to figure out why I stopped listing to LP's in the 1st place.
  10. I used to overclock when I gamed on a PC years ago. I don't have a need for it now because I don't game anymore and use an iMac now. Overclocking is great if you are a gamer otherwise you really wouldn't notice much difference. Someone would be wasting time overclocking if they are not a gamer. But thats an opinion.
  11. You know me I always liked black themes. This one looks really good, Tom.
  12. StyleXP used file hacks which is what I liked about using it back then. Also, since StyleXP was a hack, I had no issues with performance.
  13. Overclocking is what I am talking about. I should have named the title differently. You can read about overclocking here. You don't here much about it anymore. Probably because computers are much better then they used to be.

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