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    If your interested in doing a link exchange with us please register and submit yours to us for review. You must have our site linked otherwise we will not approve your link submission or will remove your link at a later time. When submitting your link please fill out everything such as tags and description. Please remember to add a screenshot of your site when submitting. You can link back to us using one of the images below or if you have a link directory you can add us there. Your site must be free of adware, spyware, hacks, cracks, porn, etc. Ads are OK with GS we do not mind that at all. We understand that ads help support sites.

    Contributor links are those that submit to GS on a regular basis. The only way to get a "Contributor Link" or "Contributor" status here is to submit to GS often and uploading clean functional files.

    We feel at GS that this is a family friendly forum and from years of experience running graphic related sites we have learned that all ages visit here. Therefore, we like to keep our link exchanges clean. We also check link exchanges on a regular basis and if we feel your link needs to be removed, we will do so. 

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