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Here you can download Blackbox themes. You can download any Blackbox builds (which are needed to use these themes) and plugins, for 32-bit or 64-bit systems, from Blackbox4Windows. Maximum file upload size is 20 MB. 

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  1. Teac

    After unzipping Blackbox Teac to C: either double click on Blackbox.exe or use a shell switcher like ShellOn (if you haven't used Blackbox before) and enjoy. I strongly recommend a full installation (Blackbox replaces Explorer as shell).
    The wallpaper and the Clock/MusicFrame/TapeRecorder icons are by Alex Almeida, or arcanamoon with his permission. Alex did a special rendition of his original Cover Gloobus icons for this theme and I thank him for his time and effort. Wharf button icons are by brsev with his permission.
    I also wish to thank Pazzie for bringing the ubuntu font to my attention.


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  2. Mighty Box

    First of a series of Blackbox themes for Graphic Styles.
    WALLPAPER, ICONS, BLACKBOX BUILD, BBINTERFACE script & 3dcc configuration included.
    Here is the first Official Theme - wallpaper made especially for the site by Paz , style and bbi script by me.
    This is a bbinterface galore - I included as many plugins and elements as possible and as considered useful, including a game for good measure Every single bbi frame on the desktop can be hidden according to the user's needs.
    Left, first column, top to bottom: 1) A free resources meter and 2) An HD capacity frame.
    Left, second column, top to bottom: 1) An iTunes player, 2) Boxanoid game and 3) A PC/Blackbox system commands frame.
    Left, third column, top to bottom: 1) A slide show frame to set wallpapers with, 2) BBPager (BB deskops) in a frame, 3) Mail notifications, 4) A show/hide all elements frame and 5) A switch button to turn off even the show/hide all elements frame. (In case you don't want to see even that, there is always that tiny ON button at the bottom center to turn it off )
    At the top, underneath BBLeanBar, a BBAmp based on Winamp.
    Right column, top to bottom: 1) A Time/Clock frame, 2) The Wharf and 3) A used system resources frame.
    Every element can be moved about at will, since child elements are locked - even the wharf with its drawers which are bound together by an invisible frame.
    Included is the XZero450 Blackbox 32-bit build that works best with this theme, but you can also use BBZero (mojmir's latest build) from
    Copy all elements to your relative Blackbox folders. Theme for resolutions of 1920X1080 or higher. For smaller desktops, please contact me.


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  3. Dream On

    The wallpaper is "Dreamer" by Ivo Nupoort with his permission; Ivo did a special resize of his original wall for this theme and I thank him for his time and effort.
    Icons are "Dreamer" by jlfarfan used with his permission.
    Font is freeware "ve vastagurly display" by M. Fairuzulhaq
    All you have to do is unzip Blackbox Dream under C:\Blackbox (rename your Blackbox folder if you already use Blackbox), restart (if you already use Blackbox) and either double click on Blackbox.exe or use a shell switcher like ShellOn (if you haven't used Blackbox before) and enjoy.
    With the exception of menu icons, everything else is WYSIWYG, including window decoration buttons, wharf icons (all drawers are included, but only one has working shortcut buttons as a template, ctrl+right click on the rest of the buttons on the other three drawers to create your own shortcuts).
    Again, this theme is for a resolution of 1920X1080 or higher. For lower resolutions, please note me. The included build is for 32-bit OSes, for 64-bit you can download the 64-bit BBZero build from


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